Please note all changes for 2023 are indicated by a black bar down the right hand side of the word, sentence, or paragraphs where there occur.

Synopsis of 2023 Changes (a) (ii) Scale Drawings – Clarification
6.3.1 Class RC1 – Scale R/C Models. K factors, Realism in flight changes.
6.2.3. Control-Line – Introduction of profile Class
6.3.8 /9/10 Helicopter – Introduction of two Classes with Judges Guide
6.4 Consolidation of Free Flight classes following Outdoor and Indoor FF consultations Safety Cut-Off and 2.4GHz Radio Control wording clarification
6.4 Free flight classes wing loading – Reintroduction
6.4 Free flight classes tied contest result clarification Outdoor – Removal of ESMD penalty with a use restriction FF2 Outdoor Open Rubber Powered class 2kg Maximum weight
6.4.5 FF4 Outdoor Intermediate class Static judging simplification
6.4.7 FF7 Outdoor Rubber Precision – Change of name (2) FF7 Eddie Riding Designs class changed to Flying Only
6.4.11/12/13/14 FFX 3/4/5/6 Indoor scale updates for Kit Scale, Intermediate, Peanut and Pistachio.
Annex 6b – Revision

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