Please note all changes for 2024 are indicated by a black bar down the right hand side of the word, sentence, or paragraphs where they occur.

Synopsis of 2024 Changes


Competitor’s Declaration required in all classes with a static element. Clarification of Competitors Declaration requirements. Amendment to Penalties for inadequate documentation. Guide to Documentation and Presentation is now available on STC website. Control Line CL1 class. Change of static judging rules to 6.1.2.

6.3.2 RC2 Clarification of photograph requirements. RC2 K Factors amendment.

6.3.4 RC3 & RC4 Amendment to class entries and certificate awards conditions.

6.3.4 / 5 / 6 Indoor RC Classes RCX1 / 2 / 3 Flight Schedules and flight K factors are now the same. RCX3 Amendment to Static rules scores and calculation of Total Static Score.

Scale Helicopter classes have been removed from this rule book.

6.4.1 General Free Flight Rules clarification. Clarification of Proxy Flying.

6.4.5 FF4 Outdoor Intermediate class. Change to Documentation requirements and score calculation.

6.4.6 FF5 Outdoor Flying Only. Reinstatement of Qualifying flight time.

All Free Flight classes. Further clarification of Official and Qualifying flights.

6.4.11 FFX3 Indoor Intermediate. Change to Documentation requirements and Static judging.

6.4.12 FFX Indoor Kit Scale. Change of K factors and calculation of Total Score.

Please click 2024 BMFA Scale Rule Book to view and download a copy of the latest version.