Rule Changes for 2022

Please note all changes for 2022 are indicated by a black bar down the right hand side of the word, sentance, or paragraphs where there occur.

Synopsis of 2022 Changes Improved definition of Scale Model Provision of score sheets – change of responsibility Use of EMSD’s – Clarification of rule Article 16 – Addition of exemption for FF models less than 250gm Flight Schedule – Manoeuvre Selection – Clarification Manoeuvre Presentation – Clarification Realism of Flight – change of K-Factors Flight Judging – Simplification of text Lazy 8 – Improved diagram Derry Turn – Improved diagram
6.4 Consolidation of Free Flight classes following FF consultation and deletion of two Outdoor Flying Only classes
ANNEX 6A Team Selection Process – Revision
ANNEX 6C Addition of Drawing Validation Service