General Information

The Scale TC organises a range of contests  in all scale disciplines throughout the year.  From April to October R/C events are held at 2-week intervals, usually on Sundays, at locations spread throughout the country. Entry fees are detailed below with further details available on the  contest calendar and in the BMFA Contest Rules – Section 6.
Note 1: To comply with BMFA regulations all events that contribute towards international team selection must be advertised as such and open to all. The rules for team selection are detailed in Annex 6A of the BMFA Scale Contest Rules
Note 2: No dual entries will be allowed at any of the Sunday RC Scale competitions this year.
Note 3: Because of the risk that events on MOD property could be cancelled at short notice, check this web site before setting off.

Entry Fees (Approved each year by the BMFA Council)