The Scale Technical Committee, (STC), are grateful to the North West Area for their kind invitation to attend the North West Gala and enable the Modeller’s Den Peanut Trophy Competition to take place.

The North West Gala is taking place on Saturday 10th February 2024, between 9:00 – 17:00hrs at the Velodrome, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ.

The Modeller’s Den Trophy is an STC Trophy that was constituted by the chain of Modeller’s Den model shops, who did much to establish indoor scale flying as a viable aeromodelling discipline in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

We have not be able to run this competition for a number of years so the opportunity to do so is an exciting addition to the 2024 scale indoor competition calendar.

Upon releasing the organiser’s plans for the scale competitions being held at the North West Gala on the 10th February, the STC has decided to implement the following changes to the scheduled programme of events.

In place of the proposed Precision Kit Scale Competition the following new event has now been introduced on a trial basis.

We will now be running a new event called “Scale FF Indoor Open – Flying Only”. This new event is based on the current BMFA Scale FF Indoor Open classes but is a flying only competition, and excludes the requirement those models entered to be static judged.

Multiple Entries may be permitted depending on the number of entries, at the CDs discretion. If multiple entries are allowed, a competitor may only take one podium place.

The event will also allow for modellers to fly rubber, CO2 or electric scale models should they choose to do so.

Proof of scale documentation is not required but if the model is of an obscure subject, unlikely to be recognised by the Flight Judges, the competitor must be prepared to provide proof of validity of the subject by bringing along a photograph or certified drawing.

We hope that by providing the opportunity for competitors to fly in an event catering for a broader range of models, that will be flight judged rather than timed, will encourage greater participation and provide modellers with a further opportunity to prepare their models in advance of April’s Scale Indoor Nationals.

A copy of the Scale FF Indoor Flying Only draft Rules can be viewed here.

The STC will also be running Pistachio Scale competition on the day.

There is no cost to enter any of the scale competitions taking place on the 10th February but a £20.00 fee to fly, (payable on the day), will be collected by the North West Area to contribute to the cost of hiring the Velodrome.

Please complete the entry form below to register your interest in competing in the Scale Free Flight competitions taking place at the North West Gala:

2024 North West Gala Scale Free Flight Competitions entry form

The Modellers Den Trophy, Pistachio Scale and Scale Free Flight Kit Scale precision, (flying only) competitions will be run to the 2024 Scale Free Flight Indoor Rules which can be viewed in  The BMFA 2024 Scale Rule Book

The North West Area will also be running free-flight duration events as part of the Gala, so we will need to be considerate to our hosts and share the space to ensure everyone has an opportunity to fly and enjoy the day.

Directions to the Velodrome can be found by clicking on this link.

For further information please contact Paul Rich by clicking here.